Young Adults

FBBC helps young adults stay connected to God by teaching them the depths of Bible truths. We desire to help them reach beyond religion and establish a close personal connection to the Lord.

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Excel Group

Being a Young Adult presents a whole array of life choices. Career path, relationships, where to live, how to spend your time, and most importantly – what role does faith have? Excel is a group where young adults navigate life together. We fix our eyes on Jesus to become the people He’s created us to be.


We do this by plowing deep into Scripture to discover what the Bible truly teaches, by engaging in honest and open conversations to gain new insights, by pouring our prayer and worship to God to connect with Him and even by getting outside of just ourselves to interact with and bless the world around us.


We really believe the Christian faith is more than simply going to church, reading your Bible, and praying. Jesus Christ deserves to have a much more permeating effect on our lives. He loves us enough to accept us all exactly as we are, but He loves us far too much to leave us that way.

This class is designed for young adults who are hungry to learn about the Bible and have a desire to learn how to reflect Christ in their daily lives. This class meets every Sunday morning @ 9:45a.

If you would like more info about our young adults program, please click here.

Sundays @ 9:45a